Mission statement

Reg. Charity No. 1038988

The Association for Language Awareness aims at supporting and promoting activities across the whole breadth of Language Awareness. These are conducted in different fields of Language Awareness (e.g. mother tongue learning, foreign language learning, teacher education, language use in professional settings), at a variety of levels (e.g. primary, secondary and tertiary education, professional training and practice), and with objectives in a range of domains (e.g. effects on language performance, on attitudes to language etc).

The ALA pursues this goal in a variety of ways: for example, by collecting and disseminating information on Language Awareness initiatives, by promoting research into Language Awareness, by supporting initiatives undertaken by organisations with overlapping interests (e.g AILA), and by arranging conferences and meetings for practitioners and theorists in all spheres of teaching and learning, as well as for others with interests in Language Awareness.