ALA’s natural partner with whom we share a common legacy despite our respective specificities. EDiLiC aims to promote¬†an innovative pedagogical approach¬†called Awakening to Language/ Language Awareness. Awakening to Language does not focus on the teaching of one particular language. Rather, it is the active discovery of the vast diversity of languages around the world: languages of all countries, linguistic diversity in a particular region, home languages, etc.
CLiE (Committee for Linguistics in Education) is a joint committee of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB) and the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL). CLiE aims to explore and evaluate ways in which linguistics and applied linguistics might contribute towards the school curriculum and the professional training of teachers. Their meetings provide a forum for the exchange of information and opinion on matters of mutual interest and concern by representatives of associations and groups involved in linguistics in education. ALA is represented on CLiE.

Fremdsprachenlehr- und -lernforschung
Interkulturelle Kommunikation